4 Reasons to Have Flowers in Your Home This Winter

vase of flowers sitting on windowsill vase of flowers sitting on windowsill

Flowers can brighten any room, but especially so during the winter months. Winter, as we all know, can be a dark and lonely time. We’re stuck in our homes for most of winter, especially so during the COVID-19 Pandemic. However, there are ways we can liven up our spaces.

Flowers are great to have all year round, but they especially lift our spirits during the dark, cold winter months. Read on to learn more:

Mood Booster

The winter blues, also known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), can take a serious toll on our mental health. One way to curb the feelings of isolation and sadness is to fill your home with greenery. Research shows that natural elements can bring a significant boost to our mental health. As such, placing flowers and plants around your home can help liven your spirits.

Improve Overall Wellness

Not only can flowers and plants boost our mental health, but studies show they can also boost our physical health. According to the American Society for Horticulture Science, patients who had live plants and flowers in their rooms reported lower blood pressure and heart rates.

Purifies the Air

During the winter, we obviously don’t keep our winters open. However, this causes our air to become stale. Plants can help reverse this trend by purifying the air and improving air quality.

Improves the Look of Your Space

Beautiful spaces make us happier, it’s as simple as that. And one way to beautify your space is to place flowers around your home. You can place your flowers on end tables, dining tables, or on countertops to brighten your space.

Mills Florist has plenty of beautiful flowers and plants that will cheer you up during the winter blues. Look through our website today to get started!