5 Plants That Can Improve Your Mental Health

5 Plants That Can Improve Your Mental Health

The past year has been hard on all of us, but for those struggling with mental health issues, it has been even harder. Many people suffering from anxiety or depression are desperate for relief. One place they can look is the natural world. Plants and flowers are recognized to improve both mental and physical health. While they cannot cure issues such as depression or anxiety, they can help alleviate symptoms.

Below are some of the best plants you can place in your home to improve your mental health:5 Plants That Can Improve Your Mental Health

Aloe Vera

We often use aloe vera to help our skin or heal sun burns. However, aloe vera can also improve our mental states. By purifying the air around you, aloe vera can improve your physical health, which in turn impacts our mental health.


There’s a reason why lavender is one of the most popular scents for essential oils and candles. The smell of lavender is enough to relax anyone after a long day. While it is not a typical houseplant, lavender can nonetheless spice up your living experience.

Peace Lilies

Just the name peace lily instills the idea of peace and tranquility. But so does the actual plant. Peace lilies have a delicate and gentle appearance that creates a relaxing atmosphere. They can also filter out harmful toxins and pollutants which contribute to poor health.

Snake Plants

Snake plants are easy to care for and nearly indestructible. Their resilience often inspires resilience in their caretakers. Plus, their ability to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen at night ensures that better air quality all day long.


The eucalyptus is known for its pleasant aroma and air purifying qualities. Its relaxing scent will keep you in the moment—something that people with anxiety often struggle with. Not only that, but it’s also known to improve asthma, colds, and congestion.

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