5 Tips for Caring for Your Indoor Bonsai

Caring for your bonsai tree


Bonsais are those delicate, miniature trees that have been bred to stay small. They can be grown indoors and outdoors, but most people like to keep them where they can be seen most frequently: indoors. They can be tricky plants to grow so here are a few tips to help you keep your indoor bonsai healthy.



Watering a bonsai can be a problem, especially for beginners. If you water them too little, they will dry up and die, and if you water them too much, you will drown them. The rule of thumb with watering is to wait until you see the soil beginning to dry up. Beginning to dry up. Then water it thoroughly and let the water run out of the bottom of the pot. Do not water again until the soil starts to dry.


Choosing Soil

When choosing the best soil for your bonsai, you should make a trip to your nearest garden center. Soil will vary depending on the kind of bonsai you have. The highest quality soil should be used to give your bonsai the best chance to grow properly. Garden center staff will know what is best for you particular bonsai, and spending a few extra dollars will be worth it in the long run.



Bonsais should only be fertilized during their growing season, and then only once or twice a week. Be sure to use water soluble fertilizer only. Your garden center can help you choose the best one. Fertilize when the soil is wet, and if your chosen fertilizer doesn’t work, don’t try a different one until the next growing season. Never mix different fertilizers.



You may prune the branches as well as the roots. Do this in the spring, and only begin to prune the roots once they are pot-bound. As for pruning branches, it is up to you what branches to prune, depending upon what shape you want the tree. If you are a bonsai beginner, do some research on tree shaping.



Put your indoor bonsai where it will get the most sun. On a window sill is always good. Make sure the room it is in is neither too hot nor too cold, and that there is enough humidity in the room for the bonsai tree, and that the soil won’t dry out too fast.


Bonsais may require a little more special care, but their beauty makes your time investment worth it. With the right care and love, they will share themselves with you for a long time. And don’t be stubborn about asking for help. Garden center staff are trained to assist you, and you can also get a lot of information on the internet.