5 Ways to Relax This Summer

5 Ways to Relax This Summer

5 Ways to Relax This SummerSummer is a time of vacations and relaxation…at least, it is in normal times. This year, our summer will hardly be the easygoing season we expect it to be. Not only has the coronavirus canceled many of our summer trips, but it has also caused a great deal of stress on everyday Americans. In that respect, it’s more important now than ever before to take care of ourselves. Our problems won’t be going away any time soon, but we can learn how to manage them by taking a break from our anxious thoughts and feelings every once in a while. Here are a few ways how: 

Get outside 

Just because restaurants and stores are closed doesn’t mean that you have to spend your whole summer indoors. Many studies have proven that spending only a little time in nature can drastically improve our moods and relieve our anxiety. You don’t even have to go out for a long nature hike to enjoy the benefits (although you certainly can). Something as simple as sitting on your patio while reading a book can help to reduce your stress. At the very least, just try to get out outside once in a while and soak up that vitamin D.  

Treat yourself 

There’s no shame in taking a day or two to treat yourself. You can buy an at-home spa kit if you want to pamper yourself, or you can spend your time binge-watching shows on Netflix. Whatever it is that makes you happy, just go do it (keeping your budget and social distancing rules in mind, of course).  


Take a look at your phone. Does it have dozens of notifications on the screen? If so, you’re not alone. We are bombarded with alerts, updates, and notifications almost constantly, and the coronavirus has only made things worse. While it’s important to stay informed, especially now, there is such a thing as being too connected. Excessive cellphone use has been frequently linked to increased anxiety. So, take a break. Turn off your notifications, delete those social media apps, and try and take a day or so away from everything. 

Connect with friends and family 

While we can’t go visit our friends and family like we used to, we can still chat with them over phone or video. Talking and spending time with those we love (even if we can’t be in the same room) can distract us from our worries or give us an outlet to vent our frustrations. Even just a quick text message can help brighten your day as well as that of your friend’s.  

Surround yourself with flowers 

We mentioned how being outside can drastically improve your mood, so why not try and take some of the great outdoors inside? Flowers have many mental health benefits, including increased self-esteem, attention span, and more. Plus, taking care of other living things (even plants) is often considered a form of therapy that can take our minds off of what’s worrying us. Even just being around plants can improve our moods. So, don’t be afraid to stop by your local florist to get a few floral bouquets to decorate your home or apartment. 

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