50 Million Reasons to Give Flowers to Your Best Friend


There certainly are 50 million reasons to give flowers to the ones you love. They are a wonderful way of showing gratitude and appreciation for all they’ve done for you. There is a saying that goes something like this, “Gratitude unexpressed is like a gift that is never given.” And we all know that flowers are often the best, most accessible and most natural way to say “thank you”.


So since we don’t have time for 50 million reasons to gift your BFF with a bouquet of flowers; we can offer you ten good reasons to be an angel with flowers today.


Top Ten Reasons To Give Your Best Friend Flowers:


1. Remembering the night you called your best friend at 3am to talk about your ex; and they answered and listened for 30 minutes to your whining, with a smile in their voices.


2. For that day you stood stuck in the rain with a crappy umbrella waiting for the bus, and your bestie drove by in her father’s car and scooped you up; ultimately, saving your hairstyle.


3. She pet sat for your overly vicious cat while you were on a Caribbean cruise; and the cat has claws like a wild animal because you think “declawing” is cruel.


4. She made you a hangover cure, the day after the “Big Party”, and “pinky swore” with you, that neither of you would ever drink again!


5. Your bestie didn’t judge you when you broke your promise not to drink again, the very next weekend.


6. She tells you that you look as beautiful as Jennifer Lopez, when you ask, “Does this dress make my rear end look big?”


7. You remember the day in high school when the “mean girls” laughed at your perm, and your bestie stood right beside you and told you how pretty you were; even though she could clearly see it was a disaster.


8. She makes “coffee time” each Wednesday, the best time ever!


9. She went with you, reluctantly, to that Hot Yoga class.


10. And last, but certainly not the least of reasons to give your best friend flowers; she knows everything about you, and still thinks you’re the greatest!


So you see, there are many wonderful reasons to pick up ingredients for a dinner frittata, a bottle of red wine, and a bouquet of fresh flowers; before you drive by and pick up your bestie for a “girls night in”. Flowers are the kind of gift that brings as much joy to the giver, as they do to the recipient.


Give the gift of flowers today. There is no better way to say thank you.