6 Child-Safe Houseplants for Your Home

6 Child-Safe Houseplants for Your Home

6 Child-Safe Houseplants for Your HomeDecorating your home with plants and flowers can improve aesthetics, air quality, and even our mental health. However, while we adults know not to trifle with plants, our children aren’t as wise. Toddlers especially love putting things into their mouths, and houseplants are no exception. While some plants are safe to eat, others are not. Similar to how our pets can get sick from ingesting toxic plants, so too can our children. In that regard, we need to fill our homes with child-safe plants to keep our little ones happy and healthy.  

If you have far too curious children running around in your house, here are some child-safe houseplants that you can use to decorate your home:  

Lucky bamboo  

Lucky for you, lucky bamboo is entirely safe for our children to be around. They’re also simple to care for. All they need is freshwater and an adequate amount of bright sunlight. Don’t put it in direct sunlight, as this could harm the leaves. Instead, filter the light coming in from your windows by placing your lucky bamboo behind a curtain or canopy. For the expert plant lovers out there, you can also try shaping your bamboo. Just be warned that this process can be tedious and time-consuming.  

Air plants  

Air plants can be found in any modern or minimalist home nowadays. Unique yet simple, these succulents are a great way to add character and personality to a room. They also require little maintenance—just provide them with filtered light and a regular misting, and they’ll be as happy as can be. Air plants are safe to be around kids, but you can also hang them from your walls or ceilings so that your kids can’t get to them.   

Spider plants  

Spider plants are one of the most popular houseplants around. This is because they’re almost impossible to kill, making them a favorite amongst beginners and experts alike. You can place them indoors or outdoors, hang them from the ceiling or set them on a shelf. Just be sure they get enough water, and they’re not put in direct sunlight. Spider plants are safe for both children and pets. They can even be a fun project for young children as you can transplant spider plant babies to let your kids grow their own plants.   

Boston fern  

The Boston fern is a beautiful plant. Voluminous and full of life, these plants can be hung up on a wall or ceiling to let their leaves drape down below. Since they’ll be raised off the ground, it’s less likely that your kids will be able to get at them. However, if they do, you have nothing to worry about, as these plants are non-toxic to humans. Caring for them is rather simple, too. Just place them in an area of your home that gets indirect sunlight and mist them occasionally to help with humidity.   

Baby tears  

Don’t worry, these plants won’t make your baby cry. In fact, they’re a rather beautiful plant that, despite their denseness, are actually child-friendly. These plants are usually grown outdoors, but they can be grown indoors as well. If you plan to keep them inside your home, be sure to water them regularly. Thanks to their density, they can dry out quickly if you’re not careful.  

Christmas cactus  

If you want a splash of color in your home, then opt for the Christmas cactus. This non-toxic member of the cacti family grows beautiful, bright red flowers during the holiday season (hence the name Christmas cactus). Since this is a desert plant, it’s hard to kill and requires very little care and maintenance.   

At Mills Florist, we have plenty of child-safe flowers and houseplants for you to choose from. Contact us today with any further questions or concerns.