Wedding Hair Florals


Increasingly, flowers are becoming a gorgeous fashion statement. In the bridal realm specifically, hair garlands are being worn by brides instead of veils. The bridesmaids and even the flower girls are donning flowers in their hair as beautiful and refreshing statements. In addition, flowers now adorn many a lady’s hair for no special reason at all.


Women have been wearing hair garlands for thousands of years. Just as jewelry has adorned women, flowers have been used to show social status, mark rites of passage, and for celebrations.


Flowers have never been more popular than they are today. The modern bride has left the traditional veil behind and now wears flowers in her hair, usually in the form of a garland or wreath. They make for stunning hair pieces for brides that are interested in a more natural look. As many more weddings are taking place outdoors in nature, flowers have become the perfect accent for a bride and they can be created to be formal or casual, depending on the design and the types of flowers used.


Bold designs complete with large blooms, silk ribbons, metallic thread, and even some greenery are perfect for a formal affair. They are best worn if the bride’s dress simple and beautiful. The floral headpiece works to frame and add a subtle touch of beauty to the bride’s face. For a bride wearing a more elaborate dress, one with a lot of beading and sparkle, a more elegant and simple hair wreath, like one with just small roses or freesia would be beautiful.


For casual beach weddings, a hair garland with wildflowers and perhaps small shells is very appropriate. Sometimes the hair wreath is made of different kinds of green leaves, twigs, raffia, and just a few flowers (like daisies).


Hair wreaths and garlands are very versatile and can suit any wedding. The color schemes of the wedding, the atmosphere you wish to create, and style of dress are all factors that will all go into determining what the bride’s headpiece should be. Work with a florist to decide which flowers will flow with the rest of the wedding.


The bridal veil is becoming a thing of the past. Wearing floral wreaths or garlands is a beautiful and elegant replacement. Whether your wedding is outdoors or inside, a hair garland for the bride can set the tone for the ceremony and the reception.