A few Tips for Novice Florists

Just like any new hobby, using fresh flowers as décor takes some research. For starters, flowers and centerpieces should be put on display at every opportunity possible. Additionally, when you use your own vessel, it could make a world of difference when adding that personal and natural touch.
● Moreover, always go with arrangements of flowers actually in season at the time. In season flowers yield the most vibrant and colorful blooms the natural way.
● In addition to in season options, arranging with flowers of different tones of the same color bring out the full breadth of the seasonal spectrum. A monochromatic color scheme brings out the deep and pales across the same shade for optimal aesthetics.
● For additional seasonal themes, you may want to consider incorporating seasonal produce with your color scheme. For example, a few well-placed pumpkins among your autumn-colored flowers or cranberries strategically placed among your poinsettias at Christmas time really bring out the spirit of the season.
Flowers, whether simple or grand, are an easy way to make your everyday entertaining more enjoyable. It also never hurts to get to know your favorite florist. That’s because once you’ve established a personal rapport with your florist, they begin to understand your tastes and stay away from what you may not enjoy as much.