A Guide to Easter Flowers

Easter Eggs with Flowers

A Guide to Easter FlowersThe snow has melted, and the temperatures are beginning to rise. Not only does that mean spring has finally come, but it’s also a sign that Easter is almost here. From chocolate bunnies to family brunches, there are many ways for us to celebrate Easter, but we should also appreciate the season by decorating our homes, offices, and places of worship with flowers. There’s the classic Easter lily, the beautiful hydrangea, as well as many other possibilities for your bouquet or centerpiece. With so many possibilities, however, you can feel overwhelmed and unsure as to how best to decorate your home this Easter season.  

So, if you’re looking for some inspiration, read over our quick guide to Easter flowers to get you started: 

Easter lilies 

When you think of spring flowers, you automatically think of the lily. There are countless types of lilies for you to choose from, but during this time it’s best to go with the Easter lily since it is, of course, Easter. Native to Japan, these beautiful white flowers are thinner than other types of lilies, but they nevertheless carry a gentle, light fragrance. If you’re pet owner, however, take caution when decorating your home with these plants, as Easter lilies are toxic to cats and dogs. 


Tulips are at their peak during the Easter season, so it’s just as well that your home, office, or place of worship is decorated with these colorful flowers. While they tend to wilt when paired with other flowers, they’re nevertheless a great addition on their own. They come in such a wide range of colors that you’ll be able to get the variety you desire even if you’re sticking to the same species of flowers throughout your home. 


Symbolizing purity and innocence, daisies are perfect choices for Easter. These small, delicate flowers always bring a feeling of happiness wherever they go. You can pair them with other flowers or have a bouquet of different colored daisies dressing your tables. Change their water each day and give them plenty of flower food for them to flourish indoors. 


Hydrangeas are a romantic flower that are excellent when paired with other species in a bouquet or centerpiece. We recommend going with white hydrangeas and then placing them with brightly colored flowers such as pink tulips or even daisies. Be careful when trimming them, however, as their stems are thick and require a slanted cut in order to draw in the proper amount of water. 


Similar to hydrangeas, hyacinths are great when paired with other types of flowers. However, they can also stand just as well on their own. If you’re planning on placing them on their own, keep the bouquet monochromatic. On the other hand, if they’re to be paired with other species, make sure the other flowers are of a different color than your hyacinths. 


Daffodils come in so many different sizes, colors, and varieties that you can do practically whatever you want with these flowers. While they have a short vase life, their range and colorfulness can nevertheless leave a huge impression. You can try pairing them with other flowers, but since they do tend to emit toxins that are dangerous to other plants. In that respect, it’s best to keep them on their own, using different types of daffodils in order to provide your bouquet with enough variety. 

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