A Highlight of Our Valentine’s Day Arrangements

Daydream Floral Arrangement

Daydream Floral ArrangementAt Mill’s Florist, our Valentine’s Day arrangements are beautifully crafted to represent love and affection. We are also offering free delivery from February 11th to February 13th so you can relax knowing that your order, and your special someone, will be our top priority.

Check out a highlight of our Valentine’s Day arrangements at Mill’s Florist and place an order for your special someone.

One Dozen Long Stem Roses

You can’t go wrong with a classic red rose arrangement; a rose is the ultimate symbol to express affection and ignite romance. Long stem roses are sure to steal hearts and leave a lasting impression.  Deliver the message that your commitment is strong, and your intentions are pure of heart. Order One Dozen Long Stem Roses arrangement.

Classic White Hydrangeas

A reliable flower is the perfect representation of the bond between you and your loved one.  Hydrangeas are known to weather many conditions and still persevere with beauty and grace.  If you appreciate tradition you should know that this flower is often used to celebrate them, such as anniversaries. Order our Classic White Hydrangea arrangement.

30 Tulips

The vibrant tulip is one of the first flowers to bloom each spring; gift a tulip arrangement to remind your special someone that they will always be your one and only.  Tulips can also extend feelings outside of romance.  In fact, they make for a sweet and light gift that represents friendship. Order our 30 Tulips arrangement.


Looking for something somewhat “out of the box?” Perhaps your relationship is exceptionally dynamic possessing many of the characteristics that our Daydream arrangement represents!  Daydream is filled with tulips, roses, hydrangeas, and peonies along with other flower accents and textures.

Whatever message you’re hoping to express this Valentine’s Day, Mill’s Florist is here to help. Flowers are not only pleasing to the eye but offer deep meanings of love, liveliness, and connection. Don’t forget that you can pair our arrangements with a teddy bear, chocolate, or rose petals.  The possibilities are endless. View all of our Valentine’s Day arrangements here!