A History on the Rose as the Valentine’s Day Flower

15375266_sAnyone who thinks Valentine’s Day thinks roses, but why? A significant amount of cultures used roses in the earliest of ages in wedding ceremonies. As time went on, roses continued being used in marriages as well as in bouquets, arrangements and centerpieces. They became a classic gift from a male to his female significant other.

Red roses in particular have become a staple in Valentine’s Day traditions. The color red, which originally symbolized fire and heat, also was used to express deep emotions. If you are looking to send thoughts of romance or love, the red rose is the perfect fit. In an arrangement or as the sole flower type in a bouquet, this classic never misses the mark. But maybe red isn’t what you’re looking for; luckily roses can be purchased in pink, white, yellow and orange.

While red roses have a very specific meaning behind them, so do their lighter counterparts. A pink rose signifies appreciation and gratitude. This is the kind of flower you can send to a mother, grandmother or even friend as it is seen as less romantic, but is still just as beautiful and impressive as a red rose.

White roses are frequently used in modern day weddings for centerpieces and bridal bouquets. Often used in New Years arrangements, this flower is also great for celebrations of new starts, which explains their relationship with weddings. These are great roses to have in an arrangement in addition to another colored rose for contrast and variety.

Brighter alternatives when it comes to roses are the orange and yellow. Orange roses are perfect for first date bouquets as they stand for enthusiasm and excitement. Where red or white roses might be too intense, orange can be the perfect fit. For occasions that might not be romantic at all, the yellow rose can be utilized. This flower is known to represent health and joy due to its bright, inspiring color.

No matter what occasions you are purchasing an arrangement or bouquet for, going with roses is always a safe bet. Purchasing all one kind of rose or a variety of colors can personalize the bouquet depending on the recipient. The wide range of rose colors also allows the sender to be more creative and get their message across beautifully in flowers.