A New Year for Centerpieces

A New Year for Centerpieces

In lieu of buying a brand new set of furniture that will put a hurting on our pocketbooks, sometimes all we need to spruce up our lives is the fresh smell of spring flowers wafting from the center of our universes.

Mills Florist has many beautiful centerpiece options to choose from. Here are just a few that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and inspired well into 2018. A New Year for Centerpieces

Gemstone Bouquet

Painted with a secondary color palette and clustered with richly blooming dahlias, gerbera daisies, and kale for extra freshness, the Gemstone Bouquet is an exquisite accent for the bride and groom’s table, or even a baby shower in the middle of winter, as it reminds us of rebirth and new beginnings.

Contemporary Red Roses

It’s not Valentine’s Day yet, but red roses are considered a yearly fixture of our romance culture. Red is sensual, but also lively and permanent, forever tugging on our heartstrings and compelling us to give the gift of vivaciousness.

Floral Fantasy

If you didn’t know, the Pantone color of the year is ultra violet, and the top color for bridesmaids dresses for 2018 is nostalgic rose. We incorporate variations of both colors in our Floral Fantasy bouquet which is designed with sprightly bulbs of tulip, orchids, spray roses, and hydrangea.   

Spring Frost

Spring Frost is dressed in seasonal greenery coated in a wintery mist of wonder. This is the arrangement to gift if one of your friend’s has a birthday in between the season changes of winter and spring. We love the crisp arrangement of roses and tulips in this bouquet.

Delightful Daisies

Delightful Daisies is a girly bouquet, and any dancer or figure skater would love getting this arrangement after a show-stopping performance. This dainty arrangement includes seasonal greenery and pink and peach gerbera daisies in a pristine vase.

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