A Weed is Simply a Plant Without a Name

weeds are plants too

Plants have many purposes in our lives; though admiring their beauty is also healthy, they provide so much more for our bodies, minds, and spirits. They are not just accessories to occasionally adorn our tables or mantel pieces; they are born, they live, and they go back to the earth.


Take some time one weekend or weekday afternoon, to visit your local florist for an educational trip. Admire flowers and plants you’ve never seen or are less familiar with. Ask questions about the flowers and plants you come in contact with; how to care for them and help them grow. Look at plants that don’t necessarily appeal to your senses; but are interesting to the eye. Find out what medicinal properties they may hold, or what purpose they have on the earth. Many plants play a highly important role in the processes of birds, bees, and all of nature.


Often when walking with a friend, I will notice, what we call, “weeds”, growing rampantly in the countryside, in my front lawn, or even through sidewalk cracks. I was once told by a Native American Medicine woman, that “weeds” are only plants without a name. As a matter of fact, they do have names; we simply don’t know what they are, or how to identify them.


There are many cultures, like the Native Americans, who live off the land; using plants for food, healing, and family celebrations. Plants and flowers are used to honor the living and those who have passed away. They are an integral part of our human existence on this planet.


Learning about the origins and various forms of care, of flowers and plants, can add a whole new layer to life. You will never again walk by a random flower garden, or that “weed” in your yard without being conscious that it has a very specific purpose in the web of life.