Autumn Table Arrangements

Autumn Tablescapes

The colors of Fall are stunning. Rich jewel tones of red, orange, gold, earth tones of browns, russet and green, all fill our natural surroundings, and it is these very colors that can make for unique table arrangements. We can not only use flowers that come in these hues, but also pine cones, berries, and branches of evergreens. It is the time of harvest, so it is an abundant time that our dinner tables can mirror in special ways.


Dinner parties at this time of year are about family and dear friends, and our decor should reflect that. Decorating with the rich tones of the earth and nature, using flowers in orange russet, red, yellow and gold, and objects found in woodlands, bring an Autumn rusticness to the dinner table. They can be as elegant as you wish them to be, depending upon the ways in which you place them, and the color pairings that you set, but what they will always be is warm and loving.


You can use baskets to house pine cones, juniper berries, cranberries, and evergreen branches to grace your table, and lace them with florals like marigolds, daisies,  sunflowers, and red  and yellow roses. Wrap the flowers in dark velvet ribbons, use glitter glue on the pine cones and be creative in placing dots of gold and burgundy. Use fruits like pomegranates and nuts in the shells  as accents. Open the fruit and display the seeds as the magical rubies that they are.


Or you can put all these items on small, decorative plates, and use them as place setters. Pick different items for each guest, trying to make them personal and unique to each guest. Use a variety of ribbons to make each place setting unique and special. Your dinner guests will be sure to remember the care with which your arranged your table.


Autumn is a time that abounds in choices; choices of colors and textures, with a wide variety of design options. Get inspired when entertaining, use your imagination, and be creative. It is a fun time for decorating, a time of richness and abundance, when life is meant to be shared with those we love.