Benefits of Bringing the Outside In


Nature is a great healer; It makes us feel better on many levels. When you are in a bad mood and find yourself in a beautiful garden, you can’t help be lifted by the beauty around you. So, it stands to reason that if you can’t be outdoors as much as you like, bringing nature inside makes a lot of sense.


There have been many studies done that show that indoor plants and flowers can help us in a variety of ways – physically, mentally, and emotionally.




One things plants can do for us is purify the air we breathe, remove toxins, including formaldehyde, and add oxygen to a room. We contract illness less often, and our brains work better, with more focus. Plants can actually decrease the incidence of the common cold, by increasing humidity in the air and eliminating dust. Plants have been found to decrease stress and lower blood pressure. And exposing children who have the potential to develop allergies to indoor plants actually builds up their immunity to allergens, and they will develop a tolerance for them, eliminating a lot of suffering.




Better air quality means a clearer mind, and work productivity has been shown to increase in offices where there are plants. More oxygen in the air also provides more energy making it is easier to focus. Having more oxygen in the brain makes challenges less stressful and more easily dealt with.




Finally, plants can put a smile on your face and some pep in your step. Having plants around indoors bolsters your creative thinking, and just plain makes you happy. Living flora within a home or office is lovely to look at, and bringing nature inside helps you feel better.


Indoor plants are beneficial to all of us in so many ways, and their beauty can lift our spirits. They help us to be healthier, less stressed, and more joyful. It is a wonderful way to bring the outside in and make life better.