A Guide to Buying Mother’s Day Flowers

A Guide to Mother's Day Flowers

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, but there’s still time to get your mom a beautiful bouquet of flowers. However, don’t just run off to the nearest grocery store and get the first bouquet you find. Your gift should be something special, so follow these few tips to get something your mom deserves. Buy… Read more »

Our Floral Picks for Administrative Professionals Day

Our Flower Picks for Administrative Professionals Day

April 21st marks a new day not only in our calendars, but also in our offices. Administrative staff are the spine of any company, pulling forth the man power and providing the essential support needed to execute any task. This is an opportunity to share your appreciation for those who help you keep your business… Read more »

How to Wear Flowers for Any Occasion

How to Wear Flowers for Any Occasion

Flowers can adorn our homes and gardens, but they can also make great fashion accessories. Any fashion expert knows that your choice of accessories can either make or break an outfit, and flowers are often a way to embellish your style further. You can decorate hairstyles with beautiful fresh flowers, or pin them to the… Read more »

How To Use Plants and Flowers in Feng Shui Design

How to Use Plants and Flowers for Feng Shui Design

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art, developed as far back as the Tang Dynasty, which ruled China between the years 690 and 705. The concept can get complicated, but the idea is rather simple. At its core, feng shui is about feeling a sense of balance inside your living and working spaces. This is accomplished by placing… Read more »

6 Child-Safe Houseplants for Your Home

6 Child-Safe Houseplants for Your Home

Decorating your home with plants and flowers can improve aesthetics, air quality, and even our mental health. However, while we adults know not to trifle with plants, our children aren’t as wise. Toddlers especially love putting things into their mouths, and houseplants are no exception. While some plants are safe to eat, others are not. Similar… Read more »

Summer Plant Care: How to Keep Your Plants Alive This Summer

Potted Plants

Just like we humans, some plants love the summer, while others downright hate it. With the temperatures starting to soar and the humidity picking back up, then, you’ll need to know how to properly care for each of your plants in the coming months. That’s why we’ve put together this summer plant care guide to… Read more »

Simple Ways to Redecorate Your Home

Home Decor

When you look around your home, you may feel the need to change things up a bit. However, you likely can’t afford an entire home remodel, and if you live in an apartment complex, you probably can’t change the color of your walls or replace your flooring. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that you can’t give… Read more »

The Most Common Houseplant Problems and How to Fix Them

House Plant

It happens almost every time—you receive a beautiful houseplant or a wonderful bouquet of flowers, only to find them wilted, discolored, or even rotted within a few weeks. What went wrong? A number of factors could be a play, ranging from watering to disease. Recognizing the signs and pinpointing the cause can help you better… Read more »

How to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Bathtub filled with flowers and cut fruit

Take in a deep breath—what do you smell? Is the air fresh and full of subtle fragrances? Or is it dingy and moldy, even down-right disgusting? Bad odors are the natural enemy of homes, often ruining a space for guests as well as the individuals who live there. After all, if a place doesn’t smell… Read more »