Caring for Flowers


Every time you visit your best friend or mother-in-law, you become a bit envious of all the plants and flowers that decorate their homes. As vibrant and living parts of the decor; other’s homes that are decorated with plant life, leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed and intimidated. Not everyone has a green thumb, and you begin to think back to the many plants and flowers that were unable to thrive under your care; and you wonder if it’s safe for you to give it another try.

Anyone can have a home filled with healthy, colorful, and vibrant plant life. All it takes is following a few steps that will help you become less intimidated by all the varieties available, and their various care instructions.


Speak with your florist.

Become friendly and familiar with a florist and florist shop. Be honest and let them know that you feel like a person with a brown thumb, and you really want to grow plants and use flowers to decorate your home. Ask them for a few quick tutorials on plants and flowers that are easiest to care for; and make a list of the ones that catch your eye.


Do your own research.

The internet has taken the sting out of the word “research”. It is no longer a time consuming task; and you can sit comfortably at home and look up any information you choose. Pick a couple of plants from your florist list and look them up. You will find that as you learn more about the plants you’ve chosen, the less fearful you are, and the more excited you become.


Start simply with just one plant.

Begin building your confidence by purchasing one plant. As you learn to work with one varietal, your confidence will build and you will be more inclined to branch out with other plants and flowers of your liking. It is best to begin with the plant on your list that is the easiest to grow.


Decorate and brighten your space with fresh cut flowers.

This is an important step to lessen the intimidation you have around plants and flowers; purchase and learn to enjoy a vase of fresh cut flowers. You simply make sure they have enough water and plant food as an option, and enjoy their presence until they die. With fresh cut flowers, you already know that the life span is limited; so there is no pressure, only joy.