Caring for your Holiday Poinsettia


Poinsettia season is quickly approaching! The poinsettia is a beautiful splash of color among a very white season. It serves as a reminder of the joy and specialness of the holidays. Keeping indoor poinsettias is a great way to decorate. They come in a variety of seasonal colors, from deep red to pink or white. Poinsettias are sensitive flowers and don’t fare well in new environments. Follow these simple care techniques to keep your poinsettia lasting all season long (or even all year long!)


Allow your Poinsettia to adjust

Don’t be surprised if a few leaves and petals fall off once you bring them home. They are still alive and well – don’t panic! They are simply adjusting to their new home. Give them some time and some TLC.



Poinsettias appreciate bright, but filtered light. By a south facing window is ideal. If you are going to put the plant on the window sill, make sure the glass isn’t cold. During the day, poinsettias should be in a very mild temperature – about 68-70 degrees – and a bit cooler at night to increase the length of time the flowers bloom.



Poinsettias need to be watered regularly and the soil kept moist. After watering, empty the pot’s saucer so that the plant does not sit in water and become too saturated.


Blooming Next Year

With a little extra care you will be able to get your poinsettias to bloom again. Keep watering the plant until the middle of spring and then let it dry out and allow the stems to shrivel. Keep it in a cool place. When spring ends, cut back all the plant’s growth to about two inches and repot with new soil. Keep it well watered and in a warm spot, and when new growth appears start feeding it with any houseplant fertilizer. After about a month, move the plant outside into the shade, and keep pinching the new growth tips. After the summer you can move the poinsettia back indoors, and keep watering and feeding it, placing it in a sunny spot during the day and in darkness from 5PM to 8AM. Your poinsettia should flower again by the end of autumn.


With some care poinsettias can last for a long time and even re-flower the following year. It is very much worth your time to keep these plants well, as poinsettias bring smiles to our faces and represent a very festive time of year.