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Homemade Potpourri

Potpourri is not only a wonderful way to scent a room, it can also be beautiful to the eye. Making your own potpourri is easy and fun and can allow you to use your imagination and creativity. There are only a few steps needed and when you are done you have added a lovely new… Read more »

The Beauty of Natural Branches

  Now that Autumn is almost here, we will get that urge to redecorate for the season and change the decor in our homes and exteriors. The Spring and Summer speaks to us in yellows, reds, greens, blues, and purples; these same colors are beautiful in the Autumn as well, but sometimes, the cooler seasons… Read more »

Summer’s End: Flowers in Celebration of Labor Day

It seems like only yesterday, the flower buds were poking through the leftover Winter snow, and the song of Spring was in the air. Summer soon set upon us, gifting us with bright sweltering days and endless sky. Now, Fall is on it’s way quickly, waiting for its turn to add to the beauty of… Read more »

The Prettiest Wedding Flowers For Autumn

Autumn is coming quickly, and it’s such a beautiful season for color. Nature reflects this beauty in the changing of the leaves, green desert life turning into sandy golds and reds, and forests displaying bare branches in different tones of brown. More couples are choosing to get married in late September and October, partly due… Read more »

The Care and Keeping of Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are round, lush florally bulbs. They have an appearance that makes them adaptable for just about any type of décor. They are easily made to look casual, yet elegant, or even rustic. Styled correctly, they can accentuate any style of room. Change the vase and you can change the whole look.   They can… Read more »

Decorating With Submerged Flowers

Submerging flowers in clear glass containers is all the rage today. They have been used as centerpieces at weddings, hallmark birthday parties, galas, and charity events. They present elegance and mystery that other types of floral arrangements can’t as the glass magnifies the blooms and the water saturates the colors.   Most flowers can be… Read more »

A Weed is Simply a Plant Without a Name

Plants have many purposes in our lives; though admiring their beauty is also healthy, they provide so much more for our bodies, minds, and spirits. They are not just accessories to occasionally adorn our tables or mantel pieces; they are born, they live, and they go back to the earth.   Take some time one… Read more »

50 Million Reasons to Give Flowers to Your Best Friend

There certainly are 50 million reasons to give flowers to the ones you love. They are a wonderful way of showing gratitude and appreciation for all they’ve done for you. There is a saying that goes something like this, “Gratitude unexpressed is like a gift that is never given.” And we all know that flowers… Read more »

Just One Flower Can Make Your Day!

We often think of fresh flowers as something we enjoy or buy for special occasions. Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and so on. But flowers can make any day feel special; and there are many counselors who tout the effectiveness of having fresh flowers and plants around you to lift your spirits.   Fresh flowers… Read more »

How To Use Plants and Flowers in Feng Shui Design

The concepts of the ancient Asian art of Feng Shui may appear complicated but the idea is really simple and filled with common sense practices. Feng Shui is about feeling a sense of balance inside your personal living and working spaces. There is a true science to it; but the average person can concentrate on… Read more »