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Flower Meanings: The Symbolism of Common Flowers

Flower Meanings: The Symbolism of Common Flowers

Whether it be a symbol of love, respect, joy, even caution, every flower has a meaning. They signify feelings that are sometimes difficult to express in words, and they give us a way to express deeper messages to the people we care about. But do you know the language of flowers? If not, then read… Read more »

6 Pet-Friendly Flowers for Your Home

6 Pet-Friendly Flowers for Your Home

Our pets are our family; we love them just as we would our children. But like our children, they can also get into things that they shouldn’t. This includes the plants and flowers around your house. Cats in particular enjoy chewing on leaves and flowers, but any kind of animal can take a nibble (or… Read more »

The Best Flowers for Each Room

The Best Flowers for Each Room

While many people opt for a typical, green plant to place in one of their rooms, flowers give a pop of color and life to an otherwise plain room. You really can’t go wrong with flowers, but some types are better for certain rooms than others. Here’s a quick run down of some of the… Read more »

Help and Tips to Make Your Fresh Flowers Last

Fresh Flowers at Mills Florist

It is no secret that a fresh flower arrangement will brighten up any room, plus, they smell fantastic! When you purchase a fresh floral arrangement, it can bring you a sense of joy each time you look at it. Mills Florist has highlighted some low maintenance tips that will help you keep your fresh floral… Read more »

Most Commonly Purchased Flowers

Tulip Arrangement at Mills Florist

Whether you are celebrating a holiday, special occasion, or a “just because” moment, flowers often make the perfect gift. Flowers spread happiness, offering special signs of hope and goodwill. If you are planning to give someone with a fresh bouquet of flowers, below are some of the most commonly purchased blossoms. Roses When you consider… Read more »

Tips on Meeting with Your Wedding Florist

Wedding Bouquet with Fresh Flowers

Congratulations! You’ve gotten engaged and it is time to start planning your big day! Mills Florist put together some helpful hints, questions to ask, and details to cover when you consult with potential wedding florists. When is the Right Time to Reach Out? In general, the earlier you can meet with your wedding florist, the… Read more »

Friendly Flowers for Allergy-Prone People

Floral Arrangement of Purple Hydrangeas

Most people love enjoying a fresh bouquet of flowers in their home but that’s not always possible if you have bad seasonal allergies. Luckily, there are plenty of flowers that are relatively friendly for people with allergies that can be enjoyed with minimal discomfort. Here’s just a few types of flowers that we’d suggest if… Read more »

Give the Gift of Flowers on National Senior Citizens Day

Spring Tea from Mills Florist

On August 21, we celebrate National Senior Citizens Day to honor the elderly. From our grandparents to our neighbors to our church members, senior citizens deserve recognition and respect. Spend time with a senior citizen and show your appreciation for them by giving the gift of flowers on National Senior Citizens Day. Summer Fiesta Do… Read more »

Celebrating National Father-in-Law Day

Shining Light Arrangement

When you exchange vows with the love of your life on your wedding day, you also say, “I do” to his or her family. In-laws quickly become as important to us as our own parents, and you should cherish and celebrate that relationship. On July 30, celebrate National Father-in-Law Day by sending one of the… Read more »