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The Best Holiday Flowers to Decorate Your Home

red poinsettia sitting in front of christmas tree

Having fresh flowers around the home can boost your happiness and mental health. They brighten up a room and can complement your interior design. The holidays are a perfect time to decorate and show off a lovely display of flowers for your guests. Here are a few holiday floral options that will give your home… Read more »

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day During the Coronavirus

Tablet with Family

On Mother’s Day, many of us show our mom’s how much we love them by taking them out to brunch, going out shopping, or planning a magnificent meal. Not this year. With the coronavirus keeping most of us shuttered in our homes, those brunches and shopping trips have to be put on hold. Nevertheless, that… Read more »

5 Eco-Friendly Practices to Celebrate Earth Day

Planting a sprout

On April 22, the United States and other countries around the globe will celebrate Earth Day, a day dedicated to the preservation and protection of our planet. Fifty years after its founding, Earth Day has become more important than ever before thanks to rising CO2 levels and the increasing prevalence of climate change. While the… Read more »