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Help and Tips to Make Your Fresh Flowers Last

Fresh Flowers at Mills Florist

It is no secret that a fresh flower arrangement will brighten up any room, plus, they smell fantastic! When you purchase a fresh floral arrangement, it can bring you a sense of joy each time you look at it. Mills Florist has highlighted some low maintenance tips that will help you keep your fresh floral… Read more »

Caring for Plants Indoors

Interior Plants

If you are used to having plants in your home, you probably know that caring for interior plants is a bit different when compared to caring for exterior plants. Here are some tips to keep in mind when it comes to caring for your indoor plants that will keep them happy and healthy! The first… Read more »

Spring Is the Perfect Season for Plant Gifts

Basket of Love Flower Arrangement

The nicer weather is reason enough to celebrate this spring, but you also may have some special occasions to celebrate as well or you just want to send a unique gift to someone special. Finding the right gift might’ve been a difficult task before, but the spring season gives you a perfect reason to take… Read more »

Women Resorting to Self-Gifting Flowers…?

Uh oh. It seems that men are dropping the ball…again. Before we get into that quandary, let’s reflect a moment on flowers. What do you think of when the word “flowers” comes across your mental periphery? Maybe you focus on the smell, how the great smell of a really nifty flower can lift you up… Read more »

Gardening: For More than Keeping your Thumb Green

It’s almost summer time and you might be looking for some new hobbies to pick up with some time off. There’s nothing wrong with going out and learning something new so why not start gardening. There are many reasons why gardening can act as more than just a hobby for you, and can actually better… Read more »

Caring for Flowers

Every time you visit your best friend or mother-in-law, you become a bit envious of all the plants and flowers that decorate their homes. As vibrant and living parts of the decor; other’s homes that are decorated with plant life, leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed and intimidated. Not everyone has a green thumb, and… Read more »

Caring for your Holiday Poinsettia

Poinsettia season is quickly approaching! The poinsettia is a beautiful splash of color among a very white season. It serves as a reminder of the joy and specialness of the holidays. Keeping indoor poinsettias is a great way to decorate. They come in a variety of seasonal colors, from deep red to pink or white…. Read more »

Growing Succulents: Green Sculptures

  Succulents are those gorgeously sculptural plants with thick, fleshy leaves and thicker roots, both which hold water. If you have had trouble maintaining the usual houseplant, a succulent may be just the thing, as they require little care, only the right environment.   Succulents have adapted to being able to survive in very dry… Read more »

5 Tips for Caring for Your Indoor Bonsai

  Bonsais are those delicate, miniature trees that have been bred to stay small. They can be grown indoors and outdoors, but most people like to keep them where they can be seen most frequently: indoors. They can be tricky plants to grow so here are a few tips to help you keep your indoor… Read more »