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Celebrating National Cousins Day

Fresh Flowers

There is no one like your favorite cousin, that person who was your first best friend, who shared all your adventures, and who stood by you no matter what. Tuesday, July 24, 2018 is National Cousins Day which gives you the perfect opportunity to show your cousins how much you appreciate them with a fresh… Read more »

Valentine’s Day Is Coming – Are You Ready?

Boxes of chocolate, heart-shaped candy, stuffed animals, greeting cards – these items symbolize some of the most popular gifts of Valentine’s Day. However, one of the most practiced traditions on this holiday is, of course, giving your sweetheart a bouquet of gorgeous flowers. A symbol of love, marriage and romance, the giving of flowers comes… Read more »

Caring for Flowers

Every time you visit your best friend or mother-in-law, you become a bit envious of all the plants and flowers that decorate their homes. As vibrant and living parts of the decor; other’s homes that are decorated with plant life, leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed and intimidated. Not everyone has a green thumb, and… Read more »

Caring for your Holiday Poinsettia

Poinsettia season is quickly approaching! The poinsettia is a beautiful splash of color among a very white season. It serves as a reminder of the joy and specialness of the holidays. Keeping indoor poinsettias is a great way to decorate. They come in a variety of seasonal colors, from deep red to pink or white…. Read more »

Growing Succulents: Green Sculptures

  Succulents are those gorgeously sculptural plants with thick, fleshy leaves and thicker roots, both which hold water. If you have had trouble maintaining the usual houseplant, a succulent may be just the thing, as they require little care, only the right environment.   Succulents have adapted to being able to survive in very dry… Read more »

5 Tips for Caring for Your Indoor Bonsai

  Bonsais are those delicate, miniature trees that have been bred to stay small. They can be grown indoors and outdoors, but most people like to keep them where they can be seen most frequently: indoors. They can be tricky plants to grow so here are a few tips to help you keep your indoor… Read more »

Giving Flowers Unexpectedly

There are many reasons why people today are seeking ways to become more charitable and giving. We watch the news and hear all kinds of stories that show us a very sad and depressing view of the world. But the truth is there are many great people on the planet doing ordinary things that create… Read more »

Twigs and Branches as Decorative Accents

Flowers are not the only way to use nature in your home, though they are the most commonly used. Wood, twigs, and branches bring the outside in and give you some more options beyond that of a typical vase of flowers.   Twigs & Branches Of course putting twigs in a floral arrangement adds a… Read more »

Planting a Rose Garden

In many ways, roses are the quintessential flower. They are symbols of love, romance, loyalty, friendship, and the budding of Spring. Now that we are entering the Fall and Winter seasons; it’s a great time to begin thinking about next season’s rose garden, especially if you’re a gardening novice.   It would appear that starting… Read more »

How To Revive a Dying Garden

Too many times, we are overly enthusiastic about planting gardens and growing flowers. We look at our neighbor’s beautiful flower garden, or our friend’s utopia of indoor plant life, and we desire our own successful garden experience.   After purchasing and planting various flowers and plants; we see that it takes more attention and nurturing… Read more »