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How To Revive a Dying Garden

Too many times, we are overly enthusiastic about planting gardens and growing flowers. We look at our neighbor’s beautiful flower garden, or our friend’s utopia of indoor plant life, and we desire our own successful garden experience.   After purchasing and planting various flowers and plants; we see that it takes more attention and nurturing… Read more »

The History of the Rose Parade

The Rose Parade, commonly called, the Tournament of Roses, is one of the most well-known American celebrations. Held each year in Pasadena, California, in honor of the New Year, it boasts a parade of flower-covered floats, equestrians, and some of the most magnificent marching bands in the country.   The very first Rose Parade, was… Read more »

Some Common Flowers and Their Symbolism

  Flowers and the giving and receiving of them have been full of emotional expression for eons. And nowadays, men a just as likely to get a bouquet as congratulations for a job promotion as women. Flowers signify feelings that sometimes are difficult to express in words, and, as part of the lore of flowers,… Read more »

Sikkim International Flower Festival

Just West of Nepal, nestled deep in the Himalayans of India is a small city known as Sikkim. It is the host of one of the most exquisitely stunning floral festivals in the world. Every summer from March through May, the Sikkim International Flower Festival is home to many exotic varieties of plant life. Native… Read more »

Some of the Best Flowers and Plants For High-Altitude Climates

There are beautiful areas of the United States; gorgeous mountainous locations. New Mexico and Colorado, come to mind; with their high-altitudes alongside wide open plains. For those who relocate to these areas, there is often a warning of things they may need to do differently to become adjusted to the altitude. Plants are no different…. Read more »

Fruit In Floral Arrangements

Floral arrangements are no longer just the traditional bouquet. Whether they are being used casually around the home, on the table for a dinner party, or for a formal affair such as a wedding, mixing and matching colors and textures is what it’s all about. This trend makes flower arrangements very current and fresh, and… Read more »

Homemade Potpourri

Potpourri is not only a wonderful way to scent a room, it can also be beautiful to the eye. Making your own potpourri is easy and fun and can allow you to use your imagination and creativity. There are only a few steps needed and when you are done you have added a lovely new… Read more »

The Beauty of Natural Branches

  Now that Autumn is almost here, we will get that urge to redecorate for the season and change the decor in our homes and exteriors. The Spring and Summer speaks to us in yellows, reds, greens, blues, and purples; these same colors are beautiful in the Autumn as well, but sometimes, the cooler seasons… Read more »