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The Prettiest Wedding Flowers For Autumn

Autumn is coming quickly, and it’s such a beautiful season for color. Nature reflects this beauty in the changing of the leaves, green desert life turning into sandy golds and reds, and forests displaying bare branches in different tones of brown. More couples are choosing to get married in late September and October, partly due… Read more »

The Care and Keeping of Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are round, lush florally bulbs. They have an appearance that makes them adaptable for just about any type of décor. They are easily made to look casual, yet elegant, or even rustic. Styled correctly, they can accentuate any style of room. Change the vase and you can change the whole look.   They can… Read more »

Decorating With Submerged Flowers

Submerging flowers in clear glass containers is all the rage today. They have been used as centerpieces at weddings, hallmark birthday parties, galas, and charity events. They present elegance and mystery that other types of floral arrangements can’t as the glass magnifies the blooms and the water saturates the colors.   Most flowers can be… Read more »

A Weed is Simply a Plant Without a Name

Plants have many purposes in our lives; though admiring their beauty is also healthy, they provide so much more for our bodies, minds, and spirits. They are not just accessories to occasionally adorn our tables or mantel pieces; they are born, they live, and they go back to the earth.   Take some time one… Read more »

Flowers For Spiritual Rituals

Flowers have always had sentimental meaning and symbolism. Often used in spiritual centers and places of worship; they represent life, birth, and the essence of Mother Earth. Strewn throughout temples, tossed about during celebrations, and hung around the neck as a sign of welcome and aloha, on the Hawaiian Islands; flowers are a meaningful part… Read more »

Flowers for Healing

For many centuries, flowers and herbs have been used to shift one’s energy, to revitalize an environment, to facilitate emotional wellness. Though the use of flowers to lift spirits and balance emotions, may not be as well-known today by the masses; there are those who use flowers for far more than decorating a dining table… Read more »

Teaching Children To Appreciate Flowers

Instilling an appreciation of Nature in your child will make him full of wonder, grateful and a well-rounded person. Watching things grow can not only be educational, but also a beautiful experience. Understanding the effects of color and scent on mood, can make your child a more compassionate individual, and help him understand others better…. Read more »

Edible Flowers

Flowers are beautiful accents to any decor. They help bring Nature inside while their scents pleasantly waft through a room and their colors uplift the spirits. But flowers have other uses too! They can be used in some of your favorite dishes as garnish and as part of the meal itself.   Flowers have been… Read more »

50 Million Reasons to Give Flowers to Your Best Friend

There certainly are 50 million reasons to give flowers to the ones you love. They are a wonderful way of showing gratitude and appreciation for all they’ve done for you. There is a saying that goes something like this, “Gratitude unexpressed is like a gift that is never given.” And we all know that flowers… Read more »

Just One Flower Can Make Your Day!

We often think of fresh flowers as something we enjoy or buy for special occasions. Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and so on. But flowers can make any day feel special; and there are many counselors who tout the effectiveness of having fresh flowers and plants around you to lift your spirits.   Fresh flowers… Read more »