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Corsages: For Proms and Much More

Corsages have been worn to many a prom or graduation, and they are still amazingly popular for those occasions. New designs and the unusual flowers being used today have allowed the corsage to keep up with the times, and represent the modern teenager. But corsages can also be given on a date instead of a… Read more »

How To Use Plants and Flowers in Feng Shui Design

The concepts of the ancient Asian art of Feng Shui may appear complicated but the idea is really simple and filled with common sense practices. Feng Shui is about feeling a sense of balance inside your personal living and working spaces. There is a true science to it; but the average person can concentrate on… Read more »

Wedding Hair Florals

Increasingly, flowers are becoming a gorgeous fashion statement. In the bridal realm specifically, hair garlands are being worn by brides instead of veils. The bridesmaids and even the flower girls are donning flowers in their hair as beautiful and refreshing statements. In addition, flowers now adorn many a lady’s hair for no special reason at… Read more »

Wearing Flowers

Fashion accessory addicts often have drawers and chests full of jewelry, and all others sorts of baubles, beads, and glitter. Any fashionista knows that your choice of accessories can either make your outfit a hit, or put you in the fashion hall of shame.   Embellishing hairstyles with beautiful fresh flowers is a classic way… Read more »

Professional Floral Decorating Tips from Famed Event Planner, Preston Bailey

Preston Bailey is the spectacular floral artist and event planner to the stars. Known for designing many fabulous celebrity weddings including Melissa River’s Russian-themed Wintertime extravaganza. The spectacular flowers were the highlight of the celebrity wedding. Melissa is the daughter of famous comedienne, Joan Rivers.   Anyone who has seen Preston’s work knows just how… Read more »

Using Dead and Dried Flowers

Floral arrangements are beautiful when in bloom, but many people find flowers to be equally as great once they have dried and died. They often retain a lovely color, sometimes scent remains, and they are still beautiful. You can reuse your dead flowers in several ways as accent pieces in your home. Here are a… Read more »

Postive Vibes Through Flowers [Reasearch Study]

For those who enjoy the beauty and fragrance of flowers, it is easy to see how these artful bits of nature, with their intricate designs and intense colors can help brighten your day. But not many will know just how truly positive the effects of living and working around flowers can be. At the University… Read more »

Creative Floral Dinner Ideas for the Crafty

There is nothing quite like flowers on a dining room table. Traditionally dinner hosts have put large, decorative vases in the center of the table featuring a beautiful arrangement of flowers. Often these obstructed the views of the guests. But there are many more out-of-the box ways to create centerpieces and use flowers on your… Read more »

Allergy Friendly Flowers

If you have been wanting to invest in flowers or plants to beautify your space, but are afraid of triggering terrible allergies, we have some good news. You can freely give the gift of flower arrangements and plants to those who are prone to allergies without worrying about their health. There are flowers and plants… Read more »

Benefits of Bringing the Outside In

Nature is a great healer; It makes us feel better on many levels. When you are in a bad mood and find yourself in a beautiful garden, you can’t help be lifted by the beauty around you. So, it stands to reason that if you can’t be outdoors as much as you like, bringing nature… Read more »