Celebrating the Sunny Sunflower

Facts about Sunflowers

Sunflower FactsMost people in this world love sunflowers, and Mills Florist does too! This gorgeous flower might prompt you to think of summer months, but many sunflowers bloom well into the fall.

If you haven’t yet seen blooming sunflowers, you still have plenty of time to enjoy a fresh bouquet of them.

The sunflower is native to North America, but it wasn’t given attention until Russian florists began to sell arrangements of the flower. Once it became a popular flower, it was cultivated in North America and sold.

Native Americans domesticated the sunflower plant, and eventually bred it to be the iconic flower we all recognize today with only bright, yellow flower. Seeds from the plants were pounded into flower for baking, and some tribes used the seed in vegetable or bean mixtures as a thickening agent. Seeds were also cracked and eaten as a snack, just as they often are today.

Apart from serving as food and within floral arrangements, sunflowers were also used to color dye, create body paints, and decorate. Snakebites, and other skin issues, were even treated with some parts of the plant.

Eventually, the sunflower became a popular flower, known for not only beauty but for offering plenty of other benefits as well. It’s the state flower of Kansas and is grown heavily North and South Dakota. The tallest sunflower in the world grew to be 30 feet and 1 inch tall, and was grown by Hans-Peter Shiffer in Germany.

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