Choosing a Flower Girl Bouquet


Traditionally, a flower girl’s position in the bridal party was to carry a basket of flowers and spread the pedals around the aisle before the bride’s arrival. Historically, they were also known to carry stalks of wheat or strands of garlic to bring prosperity and yield off bad luck. More recently though, flower girls have become an extension of the bride’s party and carry a bouquet of flowers. If you choose to have a flower girl at your wedding, you’ll need to choose a bouquet.

Draw inspiration from the bridal bouquet and bridesmaids bouquets. Obviously it is best to choose flowers that complement the bouquets of the other ladies in the wedding party. That’s not to say that the flowers need to be exactly the same, but they should match nicely.



A Pomander is a French tradition deriving from the middle ages when small bundles of aromatic herbs were used for various in sundries. Today, they have evolved into a circular bouquet that suspends from a ribbon. Similar to a spherical flower ornament, they are great for flower girls because they are easy to hang onto, and look beautiful from all angles.


A single flower

Choose a single blossom from the same flowers that make up the bridal bouquet. It is a simple and beautiful alternative to a full bouquet.


Basket of flowers

Similar to the traditional flower girl, baskets are easy to carry and can be set down once she arrives on the alter. A small basket is filled with an arrangement similar to the ones carried by the bridesmaids.


Small bouquet

Giving your flower girl the same bouquet as the bridesmaids might look a little off. Having your florist arrange a smaller version is ideal. A traditional bouquet might get heavy for her to hold for a long period of time on the alter, while a smaller bouquet will look more delicate and make things easier on her. Select a few of your favorite flower from the bridal bouquet and combine them into a tiny little bouquet, tied together with a matching ribbon.