Common Wedding Bouquet Mistakes

Wedding BouquetsMost brides take into account every detail of their wedding, and the grand bridal bouquet is no exception. The problem, though, is that most brides do not know how to go about picking the right bouquet. Many pick their favorite color or choose the most expensive flowers, but the arrangement ends up sticking out instead of being a beautiful accessory.

Here are four of the most common mistakes that says brides make with their bouquet.

Not Using Seasonal Flowers

Some flowers are offered all throughout the year, while some vary in availability depending on the time of year. Brides should not set themselves on one type of flower, but instead pick something that has a similar look and feel to flowers they want. An in-season flower will not only look better, but will be more affordable, too.

Oversized Bouquets

Large bouquets have been trending up lately, but are hard to hold and can distract from the true focus of the day – the bride. A big bouquet can become cumbersome and annoying, distracting the bride from the wedding itself. There is no reason for brides to torture themselves, so choose a nice, modestly-sized bouquet that can be easily carried.

Not Coordinating with the Dress

Brides should keep their dress in mind while picking the flowers for the bouquet. They should look at what style, size and shape will highlight the dress while not taking away from it. A good rule of thumb is that the bouquet should not overshadow the dress or overwhelm it. If the bouquet checks off both boxes, then it’s likely the right one.

Not Trusting the Florist

If you were to get your car fixed, would you rather take it to a guy who swears he knows what he’s doing or a licensed mechanic? The mechanic, of course, so why wouldn’t you trust the florist’s advice when it comes to your bouquet? Many brides are closed off to recommendations, but they really should trust that the florist has their best interests in mind. We have worked with many brides and weddings throughout the years, and can work with you, your budget and your dress to come up with creative ideas or advise you on what not to pick. It’s easy to get set on one type of flower or try to recreate something seen in a magazine, but sometimes listening to a knowledgeable person is the right way to go.

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