Corsages: For Proms and Much More


Corsages have been worn to many a prom or graduation, and they are still amazingly popular for those occasions. New designs and the unusual flowers being used today have allowed the corsage to keep up with the times, and represent the modern teenager. But corsages can also be given on a date instead of a bouquet of flowers, given on birthdays and Valentine’s Day, and even be worn on special family occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas.


The wide variety and number of styles of corsages makes choosing one that suits you an even more difficult decision.The corsages of today are made with more than just flowers. Metallic threads, sequins, unique ribbons, berries, feathers, and even green plants, like echeveria, now go into the modern corsage.


The color for 2014 is “Radiant Orchid”, and there is nothing more beautiful than a corsage made from orchids in that hue. It can go with many different dress or gown colors, and is an out-of-the-box choice for a corsage.


If you are choosing a corsage for a special occasion, like a birthday, have the wristlet made from the lady’s favorite blooms and in her favorite color. You might ask her what colors she will be wearing just to be sure of what to get for her. For a holiday like Thanksgiving, you might choose a corsage in earth tones – oranges, golds, greens, browns, and deep merlots – to keep yourself in a Thanksgiving frame of mind. For Christmas, your corsage could be the traditional reds and greens, with red berries, green feathers, and gold ribbon.


If you are going out on a date and want to give flowers to your girl, try presenting her with a corsage instead. It is a lovely and different way to show that you care, and looks beautiful on the wrist. Any woman would enjoy wearing one.


Corsages are just like wearing jewelry. They replace the ordinary bracelet in a special way. There is no more fun way to give flowers, and can be designed especially for the women who are going to wear them. They are a wonderful alternative to the bouquet, and will bring a big smile to your girl’s face.