Creative Floral Dinner Ideas for the Crafty


There is nothing quite like flowers on a dining room table. Traditionally dinner hosts have put large, decorative vases in the center of the table featuring a beautiful arrangement of flowers. Often these obstructed the views of the guests. But there are many more out-of-the box ways to create centerpieces and use flowers on your dining table, and they are a little more people-friendly. They can be fun projects that the entire family can participate in. Here are a few ideas.


  • Why not paint some small cans or glass jars – enough to run the length of the dinner table? Use different colors for each one, and let your imagination run a little wild. You can put designs on them or just use a solid color on each. In place of a table runner going down the center of the table, place the cans or jars there. You can put different flowers in each one, or make them uniform if the dinner is more formal. For something a little more unusual, use some ramekins as vases and fill them to overflowing with baby’s breath or green moss and let them run down the center of the table.


  • Find some medium sized shells – one for each guest – and use them as place cards. Put moistened moss in each shell and then a single flower nestled in the moss, with the name of each attendee pinned to the stem.


  • For a little more formality, use a large tureen as a centerpiece, and fill it with flowers of the same hue. You can use wet floral foam to arrange them so that they fill the tureen completely. This is a beautiful and elegant centerpiece.


  • Make an unusual vase by gluing different colored pencils around a can or glass jar. You can create a few of these, and fill them with mixed bouquets. They make unique and interesting centerpieces.


Let your creativity flow and be wholly original. These ideas may spark a new one in you. Your dinner guests are guaranteed to be delighted with the table, and best of all, everyone will be able to see each other.