Decorating With Submerged Flowers


Submerging flowers in clear glass containers is all the rage today. They have been used as centerpieces at weddings, hallmark birthday parties, galas, and charity events. They present elegance and mystery that other types of floral arrangements can’t as the glass magnifies the blooms and the water saturates the colors.


Most flowers can be submerged, and the size and shape of the containers can vary, giving a different ambiance to each room they grace. Using slices of fruit also work as submerged flowers do, and you can mix a container with both fruit slices and flowers.


For a centerpiece, using glass containers of varying heights makes a beautiful arrangement. At an intimate dinner party or a large formal event, putting floating candles atop the flowers is a lovely idea. Flowers with long stems, like roses and calla lilies, look particularly elegant this way.


For a more casual event you can use large, inexpensive glass fishbowls and fill with larger blooming flowers such as hydrangeas. The end result is a fairly un obstructive yet gorgeous center piece.


Cocktail glasses are great containers and small enough to be placed at every table setting. Put sea glass or tumbled stones at the bottom of the glass, and fill the container with orchids topped with a floating candle. There you have something of beauty and your ambient lighting as well.


If you are using colored flowers instead of pure white, slices of lime lining the sides of the container are a unique effect. They lend an air of tang and spice. And once again, you can float a candle on top. Using slivers of greenery wrapped around the stems makes it even more mysterious and lovely.


Most submerged floral arrangements contain one type of flower in one color, but you can mix and match colors and flowers for fun for less formal events.


Submerged flowers make unique arrangements and can be formal or casual, elegant or more relaxed. The containers they are in also become items of interest, as you choose a container with just the right shape for a particular flower. Submerged flowers are so versatile, and a really clever way to bring the outside in, accent with color and shape, and create a lighting effect with candles.


If you would like help designing the perfect submerged floral arrangements for your celebration, call Mill’s Florist. Our expert floral designers will be happy to help you.