Dress Up Your Thanksgiving Table with a Floral Centerpiece

Thanksgiving FlowerThanksgiving is only a few weeks away, and it never hurts to start thinking about how you would like your holiday table spread to look. Having a truly decadent table takes a little bit of planning – but it’s absolutely worth it!

Stun your friends and family with a floral centerpiece on the Thanksgiving table this year. Centerpieces are elegant, highlight the special nature of the occasion, and make your guests feel valued as well. Plus, they’re just visually stunning.

Order one of our autumn bouquets in time for Thanksgiving this year and you won’t be disappointed. We’ve got some really special arrangements this year that are guaranteed to impress.

If you’re a fan of the color yellow and would like to add a sunny element to the table, try the Bouquet Full of Cheer – a truly stunning combination of sunflowers, daisies and other bright yellow flowers that will instantly put you in a good mood.

A personal favorite, the Autumn Watercolor arrangement is a gorgeous combination of colors including soft white, muted pink and bright autumn orange. This fun and eclectic mix of floral species and colors adds a bit of excitement wherever it’s placed. It’s definitely a bouquet fit for a celebration.

Next, we’d also recommend the Autumn Textures arrangement for a more traditional, but no less exciting, collection of fall flowers and colors of the season. If you’re aiming for a classic Thanksgiving look at your dinner, this is the one for you. The high-reaching tendrils of some of the flowers also give this option a wild look that’s very unique.

If you’d prefer the same sort of classic fall arrangement in a more refined piece, the Autumn Jewels bouquet offers the same traditional autumn theme with a more polished and trimmed-in look that’s fit for the most refined of Thanksgiving dinners.

No matter the style you’re looking for this holiday season, the team at Mills Florist is sure to have something to suit your needs! Place an order online now, or give us a call at 650-326-3443 today to learn more.