Flowers for Healing


For many centuries, flowers and herbs have been used to shift one’s energy, to revitalize an environment, to facilitate emotional wellness. Though the use of flowers to lift spirits and balance emotions, may not be as well-known today by the masses; there are those who use flowers for far more than decorating a dining table or mantelpiece.


Scientists in Denmark performed a study on the positive effects of flowers on those suffering from mid-level depression. Studies showed, that the daffodil, a flower ignored by most, had the most positive effects. Flowers contain a compound that travels through the brain’s defensive wall; and this knowledge could offer a new way of administering mood-enhancing drugs.


The ancient Egyptians believed in the healing power of flowers. They are not the only society that received this revelation. In the early 20th century; a British biologist, named Edward Bach, believed that the essences of flowers could strengthen the body’s immune system. Dr. Bach then developed flower remedies to help treat all types of health conditions. We know his products today, as Dr. Bach’s Remedies; one of the most popular, being his Rescue Remedy, which can be used on humans and pets to alleviate stress and anxiety.


Whether or not you believe that flowers and their essences, have the power to facilitate healing; one can always bring the vibrancy, soothing scents, and natural beauty of flowers into everyday life.


If you are interested in getting some of that “flower power” in your life and home; here are a few you may want to consider for most positive results. When you visit your florist, ask him/her to show you something new and fresh; just having a bit of freshness in your environment, will result in lifting your spirits.




Known as the Mother of Healing Plants, the marigold blooms all throughout summer and has been around since Roman times. Used as a natural antiseptic for centuries; marigold is used as an effective toothache remedy.


Brazil is now testing the marigold flower for its power to protect the skin from UV rays, which cause sunburn.




Elderflower is said to be able to cleanse the body of toxins. Its presence on the skin causes a healthy amount of sweating, which releases these unhealthy toxins. Elderflower is also used in combination with other herbs to alleviate the suffering of allergy and sinus patient.




Easy to find, grow, and love; sunflowers are also full of positive effects on the mind and body. Named because its head follows the sun throughout the day; sunflower seeds make a nutritious vitamin-packed snack. Also said to help itchy skin conditions like eczema; sunflowers contain proteins called peptides that assist in skin regeneration.




Besides being beautiful and soothing, lavender has many wonderful effects on body, mind, and spirit. Its name derives from the French word for, “to wash”, because of its antibacterial qualities. Used in many hospitals around the world, lavender can act as a purifying agent for the skin.


A few drops of lavender on your pillow, or lavender flowers in the bedroom, can help to alleviate anxiety and insomnia.


Simply choosing flowers by the way their colors and fragrances make you feel; is an easier way for those of us who are not scientists, to benefit from nature’s bounty. It would be difficult for flowers NOT to lift your spirits, with all of their color and splendor.