Flowers “Just Because”


Sending flowers “Just Because” is one of the most heartfelt and impactful ways to remind your loved ones that you are thinking of them. There’s no feeling like unexpectedly receiving a beautiful bouquet of fresh and vibrant flowers with a heartfelt message attached. Here are a few examples of when to send flowers “just because”:


You’ve really been thinking about them62846_572111149488450_670607998_n

Do you ever look back on a friendly interaction and realize the true value that the person has in your life? Letting someone know that they are have been on your mind is extremely meaningful. Friends that have made an impact in your life deserve recognition and reinforcement that they have done something wonderful for you. Think of how excited they will feel when they receive your gift, and how they’ll be able to reflect on you as well.


It’s been a while

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. When distance has been a factor in your relationship, a bouquet can be a sentimental way to say “I miss you”. When you can’t be there to offer your physical presence, let them know you wish you could.


They’ve been having a tough time

Sometimes life gets you down. It’s inevitable to experience bad days and periods of bad luck. Showing your loved one a simple gesture can brighten their whole week. No doubt they’ll appreciate the sentiment and value you more for recognizing their struggle.

Did they land that big promotion at work, buy a house, or complete a goal they set? Maybe they have been recognized in other ways for their efforts, but knowing that you care about their hard work is priceless.



Here are some arrangements we might recommend sending your loved one to remind them that they are exceptional:

We love the simplicity and vibrancy of the Zen Gerbera Daisy bouquet.  Another great arrangement is the bright and vibrant Medium Sunshine and Smiles bouquet. It combines a variation of flowers for a perfectly colorful array. The beautiful and classic Enchanted Roses arrangement is an excellent choice as well for those looking for simplicity and grace.