Friendly Flowers for Allergy-Prone People

Floral Arrangement of Purple Hydrangeas

 Floral Arrangement of Purple HydrangeasMost people love enjoying a fresh bouquet of flowers in their home but that’s not always possible if you have bad seasonal allergies.

Luckily, there are plenty of flowers that are relatively friendly for people with allergies that can be enjoyed with minimal discomfort.

Here’s just a few types of flowers that we’d suggest if you want to enjoy flowers without the hassle of allergies! (Although keep in mind, it does depend on the specific individual!)


Hydrangea is another flower that simply marvels with its variety. Colors include pink, white, purple, and blue. Plus, the typical northern climate colors are a delight to have in the house. And guess what? They’re one of the best flowers out there for those prone to allergies which is just another added benefit.


We believe geraniums are good anywhere, whether it’s outside in a garden or inside on a windowsill. They have this innate ability to captivate a space and appeal to those passing by. Luckily, they’re also great for homeowners with allergies. So, go ahead and enjoy geraniums

A Few Flowers to Refrain From

As important as it is to highlight some great flower options for people with allergies, it’s also worth noting the worst for those of who you might need to know. The following flowers are known for their pollen: chamomile, chrysanthemums, daisies, goldenrod and sunflowers.

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