Fruit In Floral Arrangements


Floral arrangements are no longer just the traditional bouquet. Whether they are being used casually around the home, on the table for a dinner party, or for a formal affair such as a wedding, mixing and matching colors and textures is what it’s all about. This trend makes flower arrangements very current and fresh, and things that will be remembered.


Using fruit in floral arrangements is a great way to add a pop of color, whether it is a complimentary color to the flowers, or part of a monochromatic theme, and is becoming very fashionable.


For an autumn arrangement you might use fall flowers and colors, like marigolds, asters, and red roses, and place pomegranates strategically both within and outside the arrangement. Or you could use whole oranges, twigs and fall leaves to make a rustic autumnal arrangement.


If you are using a clear glass vase or container, think about putting whole or sliced fresh lemons and limes inside the vase. They almost take the place of sea glass and add interest to what might otherwise be a rather ordinary bouquet of flowers.


Using a soup tureen as the container, place bunches of either green or red grapes draping the edge of the tureen. This is a very opulent look and might be just the thing for a fancy dinner party.


You could also put rows of different kinds of berries on skewers, and use them as additional “stems” in your arrangement. With white daisies you might use strawberries on a skewer, and to accent white roses you could use raspberries or blackberries.


Using fruit as an accompaniment to a floral arrangement can be as individual as you are. Get creative and let your imagination run wild. Pick your colors depending on the event and the season, and accessorize with your fruit as it strikes your fancy. Fruit adds not only color and texture, but also creates interest, and your arrangements are sure to be memorable.