Gardening: For More than Keeping your Thumb Green

plantingIt’s almost summer time and you might be looking for some new hobbies to pick up with some time off. There’s nothing wrong with going out and learning something new so why not start gardening. There are many reasons why gardening can act as more than just a hobby for you, and can actually better improve the lifestyle you live today.


First and foremost, gardening allows you to get outdoors more often. Being outside can help promote a healthy lifestyle by ridding you of many different health conditions. You can get your daily dose of Vitamin D while out in the sun, as well as decrease the odds of depression by brightening up your mood. Not only this, but gardening can also help promote healthy eating habits as well.


Gardening is a great way to grow your own fruits and vegetables and start eating the rainbow. As soon as the plant is plucked from the ground, the fruit or vegetable immediately begins losing nutritional value, so why buy it off of a shelf it’s been sitting on for days than grow it on your own.


Furthermore, gardening also helps you to grow your own form of medicine. There are many different types of plants that can be utilized for medicinal purposes that you can grow right in your own backyard. Lavender can help improve your digestion and help fight depression. Thyme not only makes a great ground cover, but also fights off different lung infections. Garlic, onions and all of their relatives help to support the immune system and your heart function.


Finally, starting a garden of your own will help better your life in general and add more pure joy to it. Everything is always better when you’re outside on a nice, sunny day doing something that you enjoy, and gardening can be that very activity if you choose to start up.