Giving Flowers Unexpectedly


There are many reasons why people today are seeking ways to become more charitable and giving. We watch the news and hear all kinds of stories that show us a very sad and depressing view of the world. But the truth is there are many great people on the planet doing ordinary things that create extraordinary results.


Showing a little love and care for those in need, whom you may not even know, is one of the most rewarding ways to benefit from our connection with others.


Flowers offer us a way to show love and concern for those in need or who are having a tough time in life. For a few dollars, we can bring hope to the poor, a ray of light to those who are ill, and comfort to those in grief and despair.

 Take a bouquet of sunflowers to a random hospital patient

Can you imagine the joy and surprise of receiving a bouquet of sunny sunflowers to brighten your day, from a perfect stranger? Stop by your florist or send an order of flowers to your local hospital or healing center. If you go in person, stop by the patient desk, and ask a nurse or administrative assistant to help you in delivering flowers to a patient in need of a smile. I guarantee, you will find many who will greatly appreciate the gesture.

 Welcome a new neighbor with the gift of flowers

We live in a day and time when the old-fashioned “welcome to the neighborhood” doesn’t happen much anymore. What a lovely gesture it would be, to take a bouquet of wildflowers to a new neighbor. The gift will make them feel at home, and may cheer up someone who had to move out of necessity, and was wondering if they made the right decision.

 Our animal pals need love and beauty too

For the animal lovers out there, we are certain there is a local shelter in your area that would benefit from a bit of kindness. Take a huge bouquet of colorful flowers to the shelter, spend some time petting the animals, and thank the shelter employees and volunteers for the work they do for abused and abandoned animals.

 Feed the hungry with food and the beauty of nature

Sadly, every city and town in the country has a homeless shelter or soup kitchen for those in deep financial distress. Call your local shelter or soup kitchen and ask them what they need most; canned foods, clothing, office supplies; and then surprise the residents and overworked staff with a dozen of yellow roses. You will not only be helping to provide a few basic needs of those less fortunate, but you will also show them that something as natural as a flower, can bring hope.