Going Green with Bouquets

Flower boquet

Floral bouquets are typically filled with beautiful hues symbolic of the season and occasion. It’s easy to choose vibrant and elegantly colored flowers to create a one of a kind bouquet for someone special. But have you thought about the classic beauty of an arrangement made solely with flowers of the same color?

It is becoming a popular floral trend to have a bouquet made up of one color and green is probably the best choice. Aside from being Eco-friendly and symbolic of the earth, green is a universal color in the sense that’s easily coordinated with all others.

Green is very aesthetically pleasing and attracts the human eye more than any other color on the color wheel. Green has a variety of shades from the dark forest to the light lime, making it simple to pair with other colors for special occasions like a wedding.

The color green is symbolic of peace and tranquility and evokes feelings of happiness and relaxation. Anyone can get that feeling while being in the outdoors and this is true as well for green floral arrangements.

Green arrangements with a sprinkle of white are a classic look that makes for an especially elegant wedding bouquet.

Green brings on a lot of positive energy which is why it’s an ideal choice for a bouquet for a loved one either to boost spirits or make them smile. At Mills Florist, we have many recommendations for green floral bouquets that will be nothing but stunning. Give us a call today or browse our website for additional information on green bouquets.