Help and Tips to Make Your Fresh Flowers Last

Fresh Flowers at Mills Florist

Fresh Floral Arrangement at Mills FloristIt is no secret that a fresh flower arrangement will brighten up any room, plus, they smell fantastic! When you purchase a fresh floral arrangement, it can bring you a sense of joy each time you look at it.

Mills Florist has highlighted some low maintenance tips that will help you keep your fresh floral arrangement healthy and vibrant longer.

Various Flowers Have Various Needs

Tulips will generally grow a few inches after being cut, and if you put them in light, they’ll grow towards the light. However, hyacinths should not be cut from their bulb because they’ll last longer if they’re left intact with their bulb. Additionally, daffodils typically do best in a vase of their own and not mixed with other flowers.

Consider Some Secret Ingredients

You can help keep your flowers fresh longer by placing about 1/4th of a cup of soda into the vase. The sugar in the soda can help keep those beautiful blossoms fresh and vibrant. Keep in mind that if you’re using a clear vase, clear soda is ideal.

If you have some hairspray and you’d like to keep your cut flowers looking a bit fresh for longer, you can lightly spray the flowers from about a foot away while focusing on the undersides of the leaves and petals to better preserve them.

As mentioned earlier, sugar can help keep flowers fresh longer. However, if you don’t have any soda around, you can mix two tablespoons of sugar with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into the existing water prior to adding the flowers to the vase. Keep in mind that you’ll want to change the water out every couple of days and add the sugar and apple cider vinegar mixture again to increase the flowers longevity.

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