Highlighting Our Thanksgiving Arrangements at Mills Florist

Thanksgiving Floral Arrangement at Mills Florist

Thanksgiving Floral Arrangement at Mills FloristA time to feel grateful and understand the value of those around us, Thanksgiving is the holiday where we take a break from the daily grind to gather with friends and family in celebration. The perfect start to the string of holidays that follow it, Thanksgiving gets us in the mindset of generosity and joy.

Celebrate the holiday with a Thanksgiving arrangement from Mills Florist and consider purchasing one for your own table or for your host this year.

Orange Sherbet

It is finally your year to host the annual Thanksgiving dinner! Brighten up your home with the festive Orange Sherbet arrangement, comprised of bright orange and fierce yellow flowers. Featuring tulips, spray roses, orchids, and autumn flower textures and accents, guests will adore the burst of color and mood-lifting design.

Sunflower Sensation

Give thanks to the hosts of your Thanksgiving festivities with the Sunflower Sensation bouquet. A special design of sunflowers and broomcorn, this autumnal arrangement adds a touch of fall to any celebration. Sunflowers symbolize happiness, longevity, and loyalty, which are perfect traits for showing your family you feel thankful for them.

Classic Autumn Centerpiece with Candle

Classic images of Thanksgiving include delicious food beautifully lined up on a grand table, with a turkey or similar entre set as the main feature. Jazz up your own family table this year with the Classic Autumn Centerpiece with Candle, a fall-inspired arrangement that fits perfectly on a square or circular table.

Traditional Autumn Centerpiece

Those with a larger oblong or rectangular table should consider the Traditional Autumn Centerpiece, a long and low design making a floral statement without obstructing anyone’s view at the table. Autumn flowers and textures combine to make a significant, standout centerpiece bound to upstage even the turkey!

Autumn Jewels

Hosting or attending a “Friendsgiving” celebration, where you meet with your friends for a Thanksgiving-inspired meal, gives you time to recognize the value of your relationships. If you plan to celebrate a “Friendsgiving” this year, dazzle with the Autumn Jewels arrangement featuring sunflowers and tulips alongside other gorgeous autumn flowers.

As a company family owned and operated since 1903, Mills Florist understands the importance of family. Let us help you celebrate this year with a beautiful Thanksgiving arrangement sure to make your holiday get together one to remember.