How to Celebrate Mother’s Day During the Coronavirus

How to Celebrate Mother's Day During the Coronavirus

On Mother’s Day, many of us show our mom’s how much we love them by taking them out to brunch, going out shopping, or planning a magnificent meal. Not this year. With the coronavirus keeping most of us shuttered in our homes, those brunches and shopping trips have to be put on hold. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate Mother’s Day during the social distancing era. All we have to do is get a little creative about how we spend time with mom this year. 

Have brunch at home How to Celebrate Mother's Day During the Coronavirus

Just because you can’t go out to your favorite brunch restaurant doesn’t mean you can’t have a Mother’s Day brunch at all. Instead, stock up on some ingredients and have your own Mother’s Day brunch at home. If you still live under the same roof, you two can make brunch together. If not, use FaceTime or Zoom while you’re preparing and eating the meal so that you two can still enjoy it together. 

Host a movie night 

If your mom has that one movie that she just adores, put it on the big screen for a family movie night. Zoom has a share screen option that will allow you to video chat and watch a movie together, all at the same time. If that’s a bit too complicated for you, you can always just press “play” at the same time so that the movies are in sync. 

Get the whole family together on Zoom 

Is your family spread out across the country or city? Then get everyone together again on a Zoom call. Being able to see all of her children and family members again is bound to put a smile on your mothers face. 

Go outside and get some fresh air 

If you and your mom live in the same town, but not the same home, then take a quick drive over and spend some quality time outside. Whether it’s going for a walk or sitting out on the porch, staying outside will let you both stay 6 feet apart while actually being able to talk to one another face-to-face. 

Attend a virtual concert or show 

From the New York Metropolitan Opera to Miley Cyrus, many musicians are hosting virtual concerts and shows. While you may not be able to watch these on Mother’s Day, it will still be a great way to spend quality time with your mom while stuck under stay-at-home orders. You can find a list of upcoming virtual concerts here. 

Virtually visit a national park, zoo, or museum 

Just as concerts are going virtual, so too are our national parks, zoos, and museums. The National Parks are offering virtual tours for many of its most famous sites, including Crater Lake, Hot Springs National Park, and more. Zoos and museums are also getting on the action, offering live webcams and virtual tours. You can check out your local museums and zoos, or take a look at ones across the country such as the Smithsonian. 

Send a gift 

As always, you can’t spend Mother’s Day without giving your mom a thoughtful gift. Thankfully, online shopping is still an option, just be sure to order your gift ahead of time as many shipments are delayed. You can also send your mother a bouquet of flowers from your local florist. Here at Mills Florist, we’re open for phone & online deliveries, ensuring that your mom will get her Mother’s Day bouquet even during the coronavirus. 

To get started, take a look through our online inventory to find the perfect Mother’s Day bouquet today.