How to Choose the Right Vase for Your Flowers

How to Choose the Right Vase for Your Flowers

How to Choose the Right Vase for Your FlowersWhether it’s for Valentine’s Day or “just because,” it’s always heartwarming to receive a floral bouquet from that special someone in your life. However, as thoughtful as the gesture may be, you’re likely wondering what you should do with your new flowers. You know you should place them in a vase, but what kind of vase should you choose? And where in your house should you place them? Here we go through all of the different types of vases so that you’ll know which kind is best for your flowers.

Vase materials

Before we go into the specific shapes and sizes that vases can come in, it’s important to discuss the types of materials that they’re made out of. There are four main types of vase materials, all of which provide different bonuses and drawbacks.


Affordable yet classy, glass vases are the most commonly used type of vase. Since you can see right through them, it’s extremely important to regularly change out the water and to trim the stems.


Crystal vases are the most romantic but also the most expensive. Similar to glass vases, you can see straight through them, so you’ll have to clean it and trim the stems regularly. Just be careful while handling these vases, as they’re quite easy to break.


If you’re looking for a more modern look, then a metal vase is the way to go. They’re extremely durable, making them an excellent choice if you have pets or children who might knock your flowers to the ground.


Finally, there are wooden vases. While they’re not very traditional, they do provide a very natural and minimalist look. If you opt for a wooden vase, however, make sure that the wood quality is waterproof.

Vase shapes

Vases can come in all shapes and sizes, but there are only a handful that you’ll likely be using. These include the following:

Bouquet vase

A bouquet vase is as it sounds—its suited for floral bouquets rather than just one or two flowers. This is because they’re wider at the bottom while narrower at the top. These vases are at least seven inches tall, so you should plan on using these for larger flowers.

Mason jar

If you’re aiming for a rustic look, then mason jars are the way to go. Most mason jars are relatively short, so if you want them to fit, then you’ll need to trim the flowers to the appropriate length (preferably with the flower head starting at the rim of the jar).

Cylinder vase

Cylinder vases are simple but timeless. Their minimalist appearance makes them great for modern homes, but they can also fit well in more traditional interiors as well. They’re excellent for longer flowers such as roses or lilies, and they’re versatile enough to let you place either one flower or an entire bouquet inside.

Square or cube vase

If you’d like to place your flowers on your coffee table or side table, then a square or cube vase is your best bet. These are much shorter than cylinder vases or mason jars, so be sure to trim your flowers accordingly.


Once you have the right vase, you then need to pick the right area of your home to place your flowers. Many people mistakenly place their flowers in a window, thinking that they need as much light as possible. While this is true for some flowers, the majority of bouquets should actually receive indirect sunlight. Tables, shelves, and countertops are all excellent places to place your new floral bouquet, although if you have pets or children, consider putting your flowers somewhere up high and out of reach.

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