How to Creatively Incorporate Flowers into a Wedding

How to Creatively Incorporate Flowers into a Wedding How to Creatively Incorporate Flowers into a Wedding

For many couples, flowers are a huge part of a wedding ceremony and reception. You want to showcase the bouquets and arrangements you’ve picked out, but how exactly do you use them? Thankfully, there are several ways to creatively use your floral arrangements that goes beyond the typical table displays. Here are a few ideas: 

Designated Flower Photographs

Many of your guests will spend lots of time taking selfies with friends and family that they might not get to see often. Provide your guests with a great spot to pose for the perfect picture. Designate a small space, filled with floral arrangements, for guests to specifically photograph themselves within.  Use the wedding’s theme colors, or go with a simple one-toned background, such as blush colored peonies.

Flower Themed Favors

Instead of giving out a favor that many people immediately throw away, such as mints, candies, or coffee grounds, give important guests a favor that they can cherish. Consider giving guests of honor, such as grandparents, a single flower used for your bouquet. It’ll be a fragrant reminder of the big day for the rest of the weekend and guests can press the petals into a memory book next to their favorite photos.

Make Flowers Physical Décor

Consider using flowers to decorate the reception space by stringing lights and fresh flowers or greenery throughout the room. It’ll create a fragrant, forest-like vibe, and your guests will dance the night away under twinkling lights and lush flowers. Incorporate the same flowers that are being used in bouquets and arrangements to tie it all together.

Cake Accents

Dress up your wedding cake with some fresh flowers! They aren’t exactly edible, but they look absolutely gorgeous on top of a cake. They will give the wedding, and the cake, a natural feel. When it’s rolled out to be cut into, it will look so nice pictures. Adding a few fresh flowers to the cake can end up being much more affordable than adding on sugared roses.

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