How to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Bathtub filled with flowers and cut fruit

How to Make Your Home Smell AmazingTake in a deep breath—what do you smell? Is the air fresh and full of subtle fragrances? Or is it dingy and moldy, even down-right disgusting? Bad odors are the natural enemy of homes, often ruining a space for guests as well as the individuals who live there. After all, if a place doesn’t smell good, we don’t want to spend any time there, and while you can spray Febreze as much as you like, it will only do you so much good. 

Here we discuss a few steps you can take to make your home smell as good as possible: 

Take out the trash 

It’s an obvious point, but it nevertheless needs to be said—garbage cans, litter pans, and diaper pails are all major sources of bad odors, and the more frequently you change these out, the better your home will smell. Even if you don’t think these things are smelling up your house very much, they’re doing more damage than you know. “Nose blindness” can cause us to overlook bad odors from things that we spend our time around (such as our garbage or our cat’s litter pan). Yet, while those odors may not be obvious to us, they are obvious to guests who haven’t adapted to those surroundings. To combat this, use smaller garbage cans that don’t collect as much trash and scoop out your cat’s litter pan every day. 

Clean carpets and upholstery 

When people clean their homes, they usually focus on wiping down countertops and collecting dust. What they don’t focus on is their upholstery. Couches, chairs, and beds are all major smell magnets, especially if you have pets in the house. Carpets, too, can attract odors that can’t be removed by simply vacuuming. Instead, steam-clean your carpets and upholstery at least once a year and wash your pillows and linens in the washing machine regularly. 

Check the fridge 

Does something smell rotten in your home? Chances are it’s in your fridge. Every now and then you should go through your fridge and throw out anything that’s well past its expiration date. Then, give your fridge a good wiping down to further eliminate any lingering odors. 

Crack open the windows 

A little fresh air can do a home wonders, especially during the beginning of spring. It’ll allow all of the trapped odors in your house to escape, not to mention it’ll boost your mood.  You don’t have to open all of the windows in your home, just try to have a few opened in different areas of the house so that you can get some cross ventilation. 

Use an air freshener for tough odors 

If you have odors that just won’t go away, try using some air fresheners to eliminate them. You can spray them onto a couch that smells a bit too much like a wet dog, or you can plug one into an outlet right by your garbage can. Some air fresheners can be a bit too strong (see below on how you should avoid strong fragrances), but they can be helpful to eliminate odors that just won’t go away, no matter how much you clean. 

Go for subtle rather than strong fragrances 

Filling your home with fragrances is a great way to improve the smell, just make sure those fragrances aren’t too strong. Strong scents can often overwhelm guests, especially if they’re sensitive or allergic to certain fragrances. You don’t want a scent to be the first thing guests noticed as they walk in; instead, it should be something they gradually realize as they sit down and relax. Essential oil diffusers are great for a subtle but refreshing fragrance, as well as candles and bouquets of flowers. 

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