How To Revive a Dying Garden

Reviving your garden and keeping it alive

Too many times, we are overly enthusiastic about planting gardens and growing flowers. We look at our neighbor’s beautiful flower garden, or our friend’s utopia of indoor plant life, and we desire our own successful garden experience.


After purchasing and planting various flowers and plants; we see that it takes more attention and nurturing than we originally thought, and all too often we begin to neglect the very garden we desired so deeply. Looking at dying plants is quite discouraging, and could make us vow to never purchase another plant, flower, or seed, again.


But there are ways that you can help to revive your dying plants, hopefully bring new life back into your home and garden, and also reignite your passion for gardening.


Be Encouraged

It is great to know, that simply because your plants may look brown and limp; there may still be life within the roots. Check the roots of your dying plants; look for signs of green and moisture. If you see life within the roots, it is possible to salvage the plant.



After checking the roots for signs of health and vibrancy; trim away all the dead leaves and branches. This is the beginning of giving your plants a new life. Reduce the plant’s sunlight to only half of what is normally required. Water lightly; and within a month you will begin to notice healthy new growth.


If there are stems, during this time period, that are not producing any leaves; cut them away. Though you may still discover some dead stems; there is no need to give up on the entire plant.



Check in with your plants after about a month to see if they are growing healthily. Check the roots again to make sure that they are thriving. Never give up on reviving your plant life, unless you notice that after a month of care and nourishment, the roots are no longer alive. A plant is only dead, when it is dead at the root.


We wish you happy gardening!