How To Use Plants and Flowers in Feng Shui Design

How to Use Plants and Flowers for Feng Shui Design

How to Use Plants and Flowers for Feng Shui DesignFeng shui is an ancient Chinese art, developed as far back as the Tang Dynasty, which ruled China between the years 690 and 705. The concept can get complicated, but the idea is rather simple. At its core, feng shui is about feeling a sense of balance inside your living and working spaces. This is accomplished by placing particular items and colors in specific areas of your home.

Plants and flowers are a fundamental part of feng shui. Read on to learn more:

Understanding plants and feng shui

Flowers and plants play a very significant role in feng shui design. The art of feng shui places nature at the center of creating peace and balance in one’s life. It is not within everyone’s budget to hire a professional feng shui consultant. Still, there are ways that the average homeowner can use the beauty, fragrance, and presence of plant life to increase their feelings of comfort and well-being.

The best plants to use for feng shui design

Some specific plants and flowers are the most beneficial and useful when using feng shui to balance the energy in your home. However, if you can’t find them in your area, any plants or flowers you love and enjoy being around can only generate positive energy inside your home or office space.

Chinese Flowers

Chinese blossom flowers are used most often in feng shui designs in the spring. They represent newness, new life, and fresh beginnings. One place where you can place Chinese blossoms is in your living room, or wherever you spend most of your time in the home. Another is in your bedroom to represent new love or the desire for a new baby.

Silver Crown

The Silver Crown is a beautiful plant and considered to be a lucky plant in feng shui. Place it in areas of the home for overall good fortune. This plant is also perfect for home offices to increase one’s sense of abundance and wealth. The Silver Crown is known for having a very distinct silver sheen, representing coins and an increase in cash flow.

Jade Plant 

The Jade plant is a succulent cactus, believed in feng shui, to attract prosperity and financial success. Jade plants are used by feng shui experts in workspaces and home offices to increase their clients’ awareness of feelings of success and fulfillment. The Jade plant is typically placed near doorways or entrances, for the best and most effective results.

Bringing elements of nature inside the home or office has proven to be physically and emotionally healthy, besides intensifying feelings of well-being. If you purchase plants you love, they are sure to bring incredible peace to your living and working spaces. To get started, look through our selection here at Mills Florist today.