Keep your Springtime Easter Arrangements Bright & Light

11131601_sNothing says springtime quite like a floral touch. Adding to any springtime décor, the right kind of flowers make for great centerpieces, egg and flower arrangements. But picking the right kinds of flowers and arrangements eludes many otherwise considerate gift givers.

Like just about everything, there are trends to flowers. And currently it is in the mode to decorate with arrangements featuring only one type of flower. Weather they are all roses, tulips, lilies or iris, a single type of flower throughout the arrangement, known as monobotanic are very cool. But one kind of flower doesn’t necessarily have to mean once color, as you could include different colors of the same flower.

But one color for an entire arrangement is also quite stunning. Picking one color and sticking with it, known as monochromatic, keeps thing bright and consistent. This could also mean just keeping your arrangement within a certain color range, such as roses ranging from orange to yellow or carnations from dark pink to red. They can even be different flowers in the same color range.

There are also components in a bouquet to consider such as size. Depending on the occasion, it shouldn’t matter how large or small the arrangement is. But this doesn’t mean to throw all social convention out the window. If you’re meeting someone out for dinner, try and keep it to a portable size less than the size of a basketball.

These are just a handful of factors to take into consideration. Also ask your florist to include flowers of various textures for that contemporary feel. The only consistent rule of thumb for springtime floral bouquets is to keep the colors bright and light.