Making your Bouquet Last Longer

Upon delivery flower arrangements are bright, full and beautiful but inevitably the colors begin to fade and the petals begin to droop within just a few days. This frustrates us all as we watch these magnificent bouquets shrink down to nothing and end up in a garbage can. But did you know that there are ways to make your flower arrangement last a lot longer? Of course no flower will live forever, but these tricks will help keep that bouquet around longer enhancing your desk or house.

As soon as you receive your flowers, you should cut the very bottom of the stems with a pair of scissors. This is especially important if you receive flowers that are in plastic packaging instead of a vase. The stem of each flower should be cut at a diagonal allowing more water and nutrients to enter the flower. When the flowers can easily get the hydration they need, they will continue to bloom for days instead of shrivel up due to lack of moisture. When it comes to specific nutrients, plants need sugar to stay alive.

By adding a 1/4-cup of soda into the vase along with the water, flowers will avoid becoming malnourished. In clear vases use Sprite of 7 Up, but in dark colored vases, any other type of soda can be used. If you don’t happen to have soda on hand, you could also add three tablespoons of sugar to the water in the vase. The water in the vase should be changed at least every other day providing fresh hydration and nutrients for the flowers. If you only do this the first day, the flowers won’t last nearly as long as they can.

Now that we’ve got the water and nutrients taken care of, there is another way to keep the petals of the flowers looking great. Once they have been cut and placed in the vase, you can spray the flowers lightly with hair spray. The chemicals in the hairspray will provide additional structure and support to the leaves and petals. From 8 to 12-inches away spray just the petals of the flowers on the top and underneath. This is especially important for flowers with larger petals like lilies or a lot of smaller petals like chrysanthemums.

When you take these three steps after receiving your bouquet of flowers, you are helping keep the flowers healthy and elongating their lifetimes. These small differences make a huge impact on each individual flower and the arrangement as a whole. Nourished flowers cared for correctly can last for days or even weeks past their arrival. The more time that these flowers bloom and stay alive, the more time you have to appreciate their beauty.